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Online Trading Agreement

In this Agreement, “Client” refers to the individual(s), corporation(s), duly authorized representatives or party/ties, who is/are the Account owner(s), has/have interest in the Account(s), and consent(s) to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. “AAA”, “AAA Equities”, and “Brokerage” refer to AAA Southeast Equities Incorporated, it’s employees, officers, and directors. The Client assures that all information provided to the Brokerage is accurate and truthful. The Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outline in this Online Trading Agreement, as well as all pertinent laws, rules and regulations given by the Philippine Government, SEC, CMIC, PSE, or any other regulatory body concerned. The Client shall be held liable for the breach of any such laws, rules, and regulations. The Client understands the inherent risks and volatility in investing in the equity market. Therefore, AAA shall be held free and harmless against all costs, losses, taxes, and damages arising from such investment. AAA bears no obligation to review client orders or determine the suitability of the client’s investment decisions. The Broker charges commissions and fees for executed trades and other services furnished unto the Client, which the Client agrees to pay in a due and timely manner (Table 1). The Client agrees to make the initial required minimum deposit of P50,000.00 to open an account and to maintain a minimum balance in the account thereafter should the Broker require it in lieu of maintenance fees. Table   1

Fees *

Buying Transaction Selling Transaction

Broker Commission

0.25% or P20, which ever is higher 0.25% or P20, which ever is higher
VAT on Commission 12% of  commission value

12% of  commission value

SCCP Charges

0.01% 0.01%
PSE Fees 0.005%


Sales  Tax – –

0.6 %

* Percentage fees are based off gross gtraded value unless otherwise stated

a .        Upliftment  Fee:    P170.00

b .       Lodgment   Fee:    P100.00   per   issue   plus  P20.00 per  certificate  (Bank Transfer Agent) or  P112.00 per issue plus P22.40 per certificate  (Non – Bank Transfer Agent)

c .        EQTrade:     P75.00 per issue

The Client understands that entering any order with AAA, regardless of order type and/or order validity, does not guarantee execution of the said order, and agrees that AAA shall not be held responsible for any order that is unexpected. AAA shall be deemed not to have received any order transmitted by the Client until the Brokerage has full knowledge of the order. The Client acknowledges that the Online Trading Facility, including all contents, data and software, are proprietary to AAA. The client shall neither tamper nor attempt to tamper with the Online Trading Facility and its contents. Tampering includes acts such as modification, gaining unauthorized access, altering, deconstructing, and reverse engineering. The client will immediately inform AAA if they gain knowledge of another person or entity perpetrating any of the above mentioned actions. The Client shall open and maintain a cash account with AAA. The cash account is ear marked to settle obligations arising from securities transactions using the Online Trading Facility and Traditional Services. The Client guarantees that all funds deposited into their cash account with AAA do not arise from proceeds of any illicit activities as defined by law, such as but not limited to money laundering. All deposits made into the Client’s cash account must be made through any of AAA’s partner banks, and any bank charges arising from said deposits would be charged against the Client’s cash account with AAA. The Client cannot hold AAA responsible for any lost or unrecoverable funds resulting from a withdrawal or deposit made through a third part bank or payment channel. The Client authorizes AAA to automatically debit their cash account when a securities purchase is made through the Brokerage, or whenever the Client has any other amounts owed the Brokerage in such amounts that would necessary to fully settle the Client’s account with the brokerage, such as but not limited to the purchase price of securities, commissions, taxes, and any other applicable fess. The Client acknowledges that they are solely responsible for any and all orders placed electronically in their account(s) and that any investment decision is made at their sole discretion and at their own risk. Any and all transactions made by the Client are based on their own assessment of their investment objectives and financial advice of any kind, including the suitability or value of any aforesaid transaction or investment. Any and all orders entered in the Online Trading Facility and are subsequently matched and executed are considered final and irreversible provided that said trade is also acknowledged by the Philippine Stock Exchange. The Client accepts full responsibility for all orders placed through their account, including those they themselves placed in error. AAA shall not be held responsible for any transaction made in error through the Online Trading Facility. Any request by the client to amend or cancel an order through the Online Trading Facility is not guaranteed, and any such request to amend or cancel an order will only be valid if received by the Philippine Stock Exchange and is tallied with the Client€€s existing order before the existing order is matched or executed. The client does not assume that any order is executed, amended, or cancelled until a confirmation is reflected in the Online Trading Facility. The Client shall create a username and password that enables them to access their account through the Online Trading Facility. The Client is the exclusive owner and only authorized user of the aforementioned username and password and accepts the sole responsibility for their use and protection. Any and all orders and requests created through the Online Trading Facility using such username and password is the Client’€€s responsibility. The Client agrees that AAA shall not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions or actions initiated using the Client’€€s username and password. The Client agrees that they shall notify AAA within twenty-four (24) hours if any of the following events occur:(a) an instruction is made through the Client’s account and no acknowledgement is received;(b)an acknowledgement is received by the Client of an instruction that they did not initiate;(c)the Client becomes aware of unauthorized use of their account. Failure to notify AAA of the above mentioned events within the allotted time frame removes AAA of any liability to the Client or to any other party whose claim arises from the Client. The Client is responsible for being aware of the terms and rights of all securities held within their account, as well as any form of corporate actions. The Client acknowledges that rights granted by certain securities may expire unless the Client takes action with regards to said rights; AAA cannot take action on the Client’s behalf without specific instruction. The Client will not hold the Brokerage responsible should they be unable to access the Online Trading Facility for any reason. The Client acknowledges that Internet services for the Online Trading Facility, such as but not limited to hosting and connectivity, are provided by third party providers and therefore AAA will not be held liable for issues that may arise from said Internet services. Although AAA has done its due diligence in selecting third party providers and services, the Brokerage does not guarantee the performance and availability of the Online Trading Platform. All securities shall be registered in AAA’s name as street certificates in the absence of any written instructions stating otherwise. AAA reserves the right to restrict or disable the Client’s access to the Online Trading Facility at any time and without prior notice. The Client is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions

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