Account Opening

Just follow these 4 steps:

  1.  Fill out your account information here
  2. Upload photos of 2 valid IDs
  3. Upload a photo of your signature above your printed name
  4. Upload a selfie holding one of your IDs

If everything is complete and in order, you account will be activated within 1-2 business days!

P10,000 is the minimum balance required to open an account.

Once your account with AAA is opened, you may transfer any stocks you have with another broker into your account with us.

Just  instruct your other broker to transfer the specific stocks and their quantity to AAA Southeast Equities. Kindly email us their written confirmation of your request at support@aaa-equities.com.ph, and we will begin the process.

Each transfer costs P75 per stock issue, regardless of quantity, and will be charged by both brokers involved in the transfer. The fee AAA charges can be deducted automatically from your account, provided that there is a sufficient cash balance. Please allow 1-2 working days for this transfer to complete.

Conditional Orders 101 (Automatic Cut Loss and Buy on Breakout)

Conditional orders allow you to execute strategies like cutting losses and buying on breakout automatically.

They set a trigger on when your Limit Order is sent to the exchange based on the stock’s Last Traded Price. If a stock falls below a certain point, sell! If it rises above a resistance level, buy!

There are two parts to every Conditional Order:

  1. Limit Order: This is under the “General” tab. Everything related to order execution is filled up here.
  2. Condition: This is under the “Conditional Order” tab. Everything related to order timing is filled up here.

Once your Condition is met by the stock’s Last Traded Price, the Limit Order is immediately sent to the Exchange.

Our platform  triggers orders INSTANTLY once the condition is met!

In our experience, it takes less than 1 second from when your condition is met to when the system sends your order to the exchange. Try it out!

There is always a risk that the market moves too quickly before your order is executed. Luckily, there are ways to minimize this!

For example, you would like to Sell 1,000 shares if the price ever goes below P10

Example 1:
General Order: Sell 1,000 shares at P10
Condition: if Last Traded Price is less than or equal to P10

Outcome: If the price touches or goes below P10, you will have an order to sell strictly at P10 or better. No art of your order will be executed below P10. If the market gaps down from P10.01 to P9.80, no part of your sell order will be executed. 

Example 2:
General Order: Sell 1,000 shares at P9.00
Condition: if Last Traded Price is less than or equal to P10.

Outcome: If the price touches or goes below P10, you will have an order to sell at P9.00 or at any price better than that. Your order will be tried to be sold at the best possible price. In our example, it will try to sell at P10, then P9.99, then P9.98 and so on until P9.00 (your limit order). If the market gaps down from 10.01 to P9.80,  you will be executed at P9.80 (not P9.00!)  provided there is enough volume at that bid price.

By setting your General Order lower than your Condition trigger,  you maximize the chance that your order is executed.

Lets take the following example:

General: Sell 1k shares at P9.50
Condition: If price is less than or equal to P10
Market Bid Depth: 
800 shares at P10
1,000 shares at P9.90

Your order will be executed so that you get the best possible price. Your order is executed to sell  800 shares at P10, and the remaining 200 shares at P9.90.

There are 3 scenarios where your order might be rejected:

  1. Not enough funds for a Buy Order
  2. Not enough stocks in your existing portfolio for a Sell Order
  3. During the Trading-At-Last* phase (3:20pm-3:30pm) of the PSE
*During the Trading-At-Last phase, the PSE will only accept orders that exactly match the day’s closing price. If a stock’s price at 3:15pm is P10.00  and then closes at P10.50, any Limit Order that is not equal to P10.50 will be rejected. 

Account Funding

You may fund your account through any bank or e-wallet.

You can find detailed instructions on our Funding page.

Note: Please indicate your AAA Username to ensure timely crediting to your account.

You can deposit with cash or check at any of our partner banks. Or use Instapay/Pesonet transfers though your bank’s online platform into our Metrobank account:

BANK NAME:                METROBANK
ACCOUNT NUMBER:   532-7-53200547-3

IMPORTANT: please send a picture/screenshot  of your deposit slip/confirmation to support@aaa-equities.com.ph to ensure the timely crediting of your account!

Funds typically take 1 business day to reflect in your trading account.

However, transfers made after your bank’s cut-off time, or during weekends/holidays can take up to 2 business days.

If you would like immediate crediting of your funds, please just email us a screenshot of the transfer at support@aaa-equities.com.ph

 OnlineOver The Counter

*Deposits less than P5,000.00 will be charged a P30.00 fee

Account Withdrawals

  • Funds can be deposited directly into your bank account, or be picked up as a check from our office by you or an authorized individual.
  • Fill out and sign the Withdrawal Request Form. Digital signatures will be accepted as well.
  • Email to support@aaa-equities.com.ph
  • An email will be sent as confirmation once the Withdrawal Request Form is processed

Any unused cash reflected in your portfolio can be withdrawn at any time. Proceeds from sales of stock are eligible to be withdrawn 3 days (T+3) after the day of sale.



We’ve included an example on the right side of what to expect after selling 1,000 shares at a price of P100 per share, for a gross trade value of P100,000:

 % FeeP100k Gross Trade Example
Commission0.25% (P20 min)P250
VAT on Commission
12% of commP30    (12% of P250)
PSE Transaction Fee0.005%P5
SCCP Fee0.01%P10
Sales Tax 0.6% (SELL orders only)P600 (SELL orders only)

1. “Queued”: Order is at the exchange and waiting for execution

2. “Filled”: Queued order has been completely executed at the exchange

3. “Partially Filled”: Queued order has partly been executed at the exchange

4. “Cancelled”: Order has been cancelled by the user. Filled and Rejected orders cannot be cancelled.

5. “Partially Filled Canceled”: The remaining balance of the Partially Filled order has been cancelled.

6. “Rejected”: An order meant for Queued status has been Rejected by the Exchange or by the Broker.

7. “Expired”: A Queued order that was not filled or partially filled within the expiration date of the order becomes Expired at the end of the trading day.

Unique to AAA:
8. “Pending Trigger”: A Conditional Order that is waiting for conditions to be met before becoming Queued

9. “Sent to OMS New”: Status of all orders made when the market is closed. Will become “Queued” or “Rejected” at the opening of the next trading day.

Click on your order to see the Rejection reason. Some common reasons include:

1. Not enough cash or stocks to place your order
2. An existing order already exists
3. You are trying to cancel or amend your order during the “No Cancel” phase of the market
4. You place an order not equal to the Closing Price during the “Trading at Last” phase of the market

Account Maintenance

Please email support@aaa-equities.com.ph or call 8403-2927. After validation, we will send your new password to your registered email address.

Your account was likely locked due to one of two reasons:
1. Several failed login attempts have been made on your account
2. You made a cash withdrawal that brought your account value below P50,000

Contact Us

  • Email us at support@aaa-equities.com.ph
  • Or visit us at our office in Ayala Tower One, Unit 1511, Ayala Ave cor Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

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